Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

This Sunday we will be doing a recon-ride of the course. We plan on getting to Leland at 8am, road bikes. Car pooling is a good idea. The address is, 370 N Main St
Leland, IL 60531. Email me if you want to be part of this. biturbotech@yahoo.com

Leah wins Burnham Super spring(??) crit

Yes folks we have our first win of the season. I am very happy for Leah, here is her race report;
Burnham Super Spring Crits, Saturday 3/28. Weather was looking sketchy all week but the day ended up being dry (at least for the morning races). It was cold and WINDY, however. Luckily I had my new Flatlandia heavy wind vest which kept me warm and stylish at the same time! My 1st race was the Women's Cat 4. The cold and a collegiate race in MI kept the field small at 6 riders. I lead it out at the start, trying to decide if I would play nice and go easy or let 'er rip and see what happened. I played nice then rounded the 1st corner and BAM into the head wind. Enough of that. I pulled off and let the rest of the girls enjoy the wind. We continued to play nice and take turns. I thought about attacking but decided to wait and see what the others would do. On the prime lap, Cathy nicely pulled us all the way up the front straight and I sprinted, and took, the prime. (I don't think Cathy was trying to be nice!) It ended up being a pretty tame race. We kept a respectable pace and eventually lost 2 riders off the back. The other girls seemed strong but I knew Molly (Cutting Crew) had won Thursday night at Calumet Park so I decided to sit on her wheel the final lap. She surprised me by taking off hard after the last turn. It's a long stretch into a strong wind up the front straight and I thought she'd gone too hard too soon. I let her go a little then I jumped and put in a super hard 20 second effort that overtook her as she faded. Win!

A 50 minute spin on the trainer and I lined up for the women's open race. True to form, Jessica Prinner (ABD) attacked early. I was asleep at the wheel and didn't get on it right away. A group of 4 was off the front, I was sitting alone in no man's land and another group of 3 was a ways back. I decided to try and finish bridging up, and I did, but couldn't make it stick. I slid back and regrouped with the 3 girls behind me. We had a solid pace line working but then we lost 2 off the back and it was just me and Tamara (XXX Racing) trading pulls. I started feeling fatigue accumulate and I lost her wheel with about 20 minutes to go. With no one in sight behind me I rode steady tempo alone for the rest of the race, finishing 6th out of 10. A good day and some more upgrade points for my cat 3 quest.


It is the first, but hopefully not the last!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Flickr pool

Josh has created a Flatlandia Flickr site It is a place where we can put photos we take, bike races, kids, family, our garden anything we would like to share with each other. It will be private until you create an account and Josh lets you join.

I hope everyone has a safe weekend, on and off the bike.

Photo of Ted Burger by John Rowland, Bike by BH, Photo of Dave Pilotto by Ed White, Bike by Jason Wagner.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I would like to send a big shout-out to Curt Warner from Bike Fix for letting us use his shop for out meeting yesterday, Curt is not only one of the nicest guys on the planet, he can also fix your bike!! Check him out

One of our teammates has a gift for previewing courses, and this past week he made a trip out to Leland to uncover the mystery that is the gravel section. Ted was kind enough to Shoot video of the gravel , and take A ton of pictures A big thanks to Ted.

For some of us who would like to see/ride the course first hand we should set up a date when we can make a group field trip out to Leland. Email your suggestions.

I also need volunteers to work the race, A few brave souls have signed up already, but we need more!! Email me at biturbotech@yahoo.com

Saturday, March 21, 2009

RSVP For Sunday

Can you please email me if you plan on attending tomorrows team meeting- clothing pickup at Bike Fix. biturbotech@yahoo.com We are trying to get a head count. Everyone see Milan-San Remo?Read about it here

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunday,Sunday,Sunday Pick up your kit!!!!

We will be holding our clothing distribution this Sunday March 22nd at 3 PM at Bike Fix, 252 Lake Street Oak Park, Illinois 60302, You enter from the alley. If you owe money you should be prepared to pay-up. We will also discuss the upcoming Race.

Team Email list

If you are not getting team email's and would like to please contact me at biturbotech@yahoo.com

New Day New Blog, Leland

If you are reading this you found the new Flatlandia Team Blog. We have a great spring planed starting with The Leland Kermesse. We will need people to volunteer, work registration, course marshal, everything that happens at a bike race can not happen without volunteer's.