Monday, July 13, 2009

Super week

Great day of racing for me ... perfect weather, great course (ok maybe the hill could have been longer) ....
raced the cat 4/5 race ... for the most part the race was uneventful. Tower, xXx, Bicycle Heaven and one other team had several riders in the race (I think Tower had 21 guys). There were several breakaway attempts during the race, but it was apparent early on that these teams were not going to let anyone get away. The pace picked up with about 1.5 laps to go, and with about 1.5 miles to go (with most of the pack still intact), the jockeying for position started. 35mph plus on the final long straight .... positioned myself at around 10th place going into the final turns .... 2 turns from the finish, the leaders crash taking down about 6~7 riders. I decided it was all or nothing ... work my way through the crash, put my head down and start to hammer, managed to get a good gap, flew into the last turn, pushed even harder, not looking back until about 50 meters to go ...
Victory for Flatlandia!

Dave Jaggi

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Proctor race report

Proctor State Crit Championship. I really like this course. It's a figure eight with lots of turns, very much like Quad cities. There's a slight hill but nothing worth writing home about. The wind was pretty strong and the gusts got worse as the day went on. Temps were perfect in the morning and got a little warm in the afternoon. Enough to make me not want to warm up on the trainer for race #2.
In the morning I raced the Women's Masters 35+. Not a huge field. 10-15 riders. There were a number of strong riders in the field including Pascal, Cathy and Ginger from Project 5 so I had to pay attention to any team tactics from them. Despite being a small field it was a lively race with lots of attacks. I had my eye on a couple riders to make sure I was on anything they did. The others, I'd let someone else cover. The biggest break was when Ginger got away for a few laps. I knew no help would come from Cathy or Pascal so it fell to 3 of us at the front to keep the situation in check and gradually reel her in, which we did in the last lap. I timed my sprint just right and felt super strong and took the win. I think I channeled a little Kristin Meshberg at the end as I felt my face split into this smile/grimace/effort thing.

I had 3 hours to wait until the Cat 4 race, so after the podium I ate and chilled out. It was hard getting motivated to race again since it was hotter and I was not as fired up. I kitted up and rode around. Spotted Jeanette Rho (Bouledogue tout noir) and Molly Godlewski (Chicago Cuttin Crew) and we talked about trying to make a break after the 1st lap. I tried to go but I suck at attacking and nothing really happened except I wore myself out. After a lap, I straggled at the back, trying to recover. Just when I started feeling better, a girl touched wheels and went down right in front of me. No where to go but down. I jumped up and tried to get my chain back on but noticed my rear derailleur was jammed into my spokes. Race over. Won some fun road rash and my wrist is pretty swollen. No hard feelings though. That's racing.

Thanks to Ted and Sanda for the baby wipes to clean up my bloody leg, Cathy Frampton for offering all her bandages and Cuttin Crew for the hospitality. Turns out my bike is fine. Just needed a new RD hanger. And Ken Schiffman is looking at my wrist, which, so far, seems not to be broken. Fingers crossed.

Leah Sanda