Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Palos Meltdown 8-30-09

The Meltdown is a race that the Chicagoland dirt community views as its world championships. It is on trails everyone knows and uses on a regular basis, but somehow felt strange to me, was it the 249 people chasing me? Was it the 60degree temps in August?

This may have been the race with the most team members entered, sport class;
Mike Carney 10th overall 4th in age group
Mike Grimm 20th overall 2nd age group
Joe Maxwell (akascott fortman) 23rd overall
Bill Older 85th overall 11th agegroup
Peter Tirone 98th
Rom Tomondong 159th
Greg Molnar 188th
David Pilotto 202th

We had the oldest and youngest racers in expert
Gary Whalen 42nd
Rhys Louis 75th (see pic above)

Big thanks to Mike Grimm and Rom for setting up base camp, and all the friends that came out to cheer us on!