Sunday, April 26, 2009

Leland Kermesse

Leland Keeremesse demonstrated everything a great bike race should be, a tough course, unpredictable weather, great sportsmanship. 180 brave souls traveled from far and wide to race an unknown race. I may be biased in my opinion, but I will say it was an extraordinary event. We will be posting pictures and writing reviews shortly. If you were part of this spectacle and would like to comment please leave a comment here or email me or any member of the team.

Thank you to all the sponsors, The Town of Leland IL, and all who raced.

(pics by ted)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Down to the wire

It has been a few days since our last post, mostly due to the fact that we have been working like Santa's elf's trying to build a bike race. We have a great interview on today featuring Chicago hart-throb Ted Burger, this will help calm some peoples nerves, or get some people more nervous.

As we sit 5 days before the race we are in need of volunteers, anyone willing to help race can race for $10.

I think the Beatles put it best; Help, I need somebody, Help

Please email me at if you can help out.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hillsboro-Roubaix wrap-up

Well, 2 races 2 podium finishes, I am proud to be on the same team as Leah. Here is her report;Hillsboro Roubaix. 4/4/09. I could really get used to this. A weekend in the RV with the family. Great weather. Great friends. Banana bread (Thanks Cathy!) And a spot on the podium. It was an awesome weekend for sure. The women's cat 4 race was short (one 22.5 mile loop) but it was fairly dynamic. We rolled out with 34 riders. My goal was to stay near the front and cover any attacks. That is easier said than done on these roads. With the center line rule in force, and a stern lecture from the start official that if we cross it and advance we get the boot, we were all boxed in to a narrow slice of road that allowed riding 3 abreast. Molly Godlewski (Chicago Cutting Crew) and I talked about trying to work together but we got separated at the start. I found myself about 10 riders back and boxed in. The pace was very erratic with lots of speeding up then braking. Then, true to her aggressive form, Liz So (Team Tati) jumped shortly after the 1st turn and we were off. She set a good hard stiff pace that ended up leaving over half the field behind us. She eventually folded back into the field to recover and our lead pack of about 14 kept a pretty respectable pace with me staying near the front. There were a couple of attacks, one which lasted a few minutes but I was too boxed in, and too focused on avoiding the sketchy movements by some riders, to notice or respond. I got a sudden itch with about 3 miles to go to hit the gas. I went past Molly and said "let's go!" but we both petered out pretty quick. Too hard and bad timing. Now it was just a wait until the finish. I knew the final climbs were going to hurt. I don't climb well. So I snuck to the front before the start of the hill to minimize the damage. Imagine my surprise to find myself still near the front after the 1st climb. But, dang that 2nd hill looks steep. I dug real deep and it hurt but I crested the hill in about 3rd position. The screaming descent onto the cobbles and the next couple turns were fast and furious with multiple changes in position. I got on a wheel before the last turn and didn't let go. There were 2 riders a second or 2 up the road then me sitting 2nd wheel in a trio, trying hard to catch my breath. I was seriously hurting and thinking "4th place is good" but I had to try. At the last second possible I popped out and glacially slowly crept past the rider in front. There wasn't much left in my legs but it was just enough for 3rd place and a chunk of brick to call my own.

It was great being able to help support Kristen Meshberg and her new team (Team BH USA) and provide some exposure for The Bike Shop that sponsored the Women's 123 race. Ted, Sanda and mini Burger were all looking happy and healthy. Jason Meshberg was "the man" all day, helping the BH girls and communicating with them on their race radios. Lest I not forget my awesome hubby for getting the RV ready, schlepping my butt and gear around all weekend, dealing with my usually pre-race snippiness, taking great pictures, making sure I ate and being his generally helpful self.

Great job!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009


I would like to extend a wish of good luck and a safe race to Ted and Leah who are signed up to do this weekends Hillsboro-Roubaix. Also to Team BH Womens Cycling, who are making there midwestern debut. The weather looks to be mid 50's with no rain at 11am. Good Luck!!!