Monday, October 19, 2009

After week 4

(pic used w/o permission, what the hell is he smiling about?)

Our team is kicking ass in the Chicago cross cup, overall standings are;
Men cat 3; Ryan "my shoe fell off" Cooper, 1st overall
John Kurts 6th
Ted Burger 18th
Women 123 Leah Sanda 9th
Men 30+ Dave Pilotto 11th
Jason "44x17 for cross" Wagner 19th
Jason Meshburg 21st
Men 50+ George Lambros 10th
Gary Whalen 13th

Also big up to Ted "Gordon Lightfoot" Burger for a 7th place at this past weekends UCI cross race in Toronto, even after getting cross-checked by a hockey-stick wielding canuck!!

We need the team to help with our Northbrook cross race November 8th. Contact me or Jason Meshburg. The race will be EPIC!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cyclocross is fun

Video used without permission

After 2 Chicago Cyclocross Cup races we have 3 men in the top 10 overall in Cat 3, Ryan Cooper, John Kurtz and Ted Burger.

Leah Sanda is 3rd overall in the Women's 123.

As some of up struggle to find out race-legs(me) we can rest assured that there is 2 months of races left.

This Sunday brings us to Dan Ryan woods. The course is new for CCC and I am told will feature 2 large hills.