Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Is it all done?

The 2009 Chicago Cross Cup is in the bag, here are our results;

First overall Cat3, Ryan Cooper
10Th overall cat3 John Kurtz
11Th overall cat3 Ted Burger

11Th overall Women's 123 Leah Sanda

10Th overall men's 30+ Jason Wagner
18Th overall men's 30+ Me

12Th overall men's 50+ Gary Whalen
13Th overall men's 50+ George Lambros

5Th overall in team standings!!

Totals for the year,
3 flat tubulars
1 broken derailleur
2 broken derailleur hangers
300lbs of sand cleaned off each bike
1 ER visit
3 250g cans of tire glue
1 broken Zipp wheel
2 broken helmets
1 bag of $15 nuts

It was a great season for the team, we planted our roots deeper into the cyclocross scene.

9 months till Jackson Park!!

We will have a team meeting after the new year to discuss everything from new kits to our Leland race.

Happy Holidays to you and yours


  1. This was a great year for so many reasons! Wagner on a single speed Ted going international on us Dave who willingly fixed everyones bike and glued their wheels Gary's successful first year of cross, Puzen got shot by a sniper in the Northbrook cross race sandpit Meshberg totally looked out for everyone before himself John went to every notre dame game or went to the bar before every race and still managed a top 10 overall cat 3 Rom made it to the first and last race the Oak Park crew left it all out on the course and Ryan put Flatlandia in the overall. So glad to be a part of such a cool team

  2. And Leah was dressed for every occasion.